Entry Level Sales & Marketing Associate


General Information
4 Year Degree
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Job Description

Entry Level Sales & Marketing Associate: Training, Advancement, Professional Development

Position: Entry-Level Marketing & Sales Associate

Entry Level Marketing & Sales Associate Functions: The objective of this position is to develop the skills needed to build a strong foundation in business: effectively acquiring new and existing customers on a daily basis. Once established, we provide internal cross-training opportunities in areas of Team Development, Human Resources, and Business Management. This position is designed to shape and mold the future of our business.

Reporting to: Managing Director and Upper Management on a daily basis

Entry Level Marketing & Sales Associate Compensation: $700-$1000 weekly, based on experience

Entry Level Sales & Marketing Associate Hours: Full Time, 40+ hours/week

Key Responsibilities & Duties:
• Respond to in-person inquiries from present and potential consumers
• Attend daily marketing team meetings
• Listen, Learn how to, and then Lead 1 on 1 Development Consultations
• Work cohesively with other team members
• Complete daily reports

Job Requirements

Background Qualifications for the Sales & Marketing Associate include:
• 2-4 years of communication skills within a team or group environment
• 1+ years of customer service and sales experience
• Have shown the ability to grow within an organization or company
• Developed and trained others to do their same positions
• 4-year degree

Skills and Qualities of Ideal Candidates:
• Good organizational skills and attention to detail.
• Solution oriented
• Team orientated approach.
• Competency with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
• Communication skills: including conflict resolution and friendly manner
•  Minimum age for applicants is 18, candidates must be eligible to work in the United States or have DHS work authorization.

COMPANY provides sales and marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies. We help our large clients with their sales and marketing campaigns by promoting their brand and acquiring new customers through brand promotion, new product launches and test markets. We are responsible for participating in ongoing direct marketing plans and we are constantly developing new market opportunities. We are looking for the future leaders of our organization to grow from an Entry Level position into a management role with our firm.