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Job Description

HollyFrontier located in Cheyenne, WY is seeking a Pipefitter Craftsmen.  This role will is responsible for repair, fabrication and maintenance of all exchangers, heaters, piping and valves.

This position is not eligible for International Relocation Program benefits.

ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: (functions considered essential as defined by ADA)   

  • Skills in pipe fitting, steam tracing, rigging, welding, O2 and plasma cutting, pre-algebraic mathematical calculation, schematic interpretation and use of small and large hand tools are essential. 
  • Pipefitters/Boilermakers must be able to work for extended periods of time in areas of high elevation, cramped quarters, confined spaces and in awkward bodily positions.


    This job requires work outside of the shop 60 percent of the time.  A medical exam will be necessary prior to assignment. Participation in FRI’s random drug screening program is required. Regularly scheduled work runs through an eight hour, day shift only.  Pipefitter/Boilermakers must be available for off shift work as dictated by the department call out list. The ability to communicate in English, both written and verbally is a requirement.

    Special assignments or tasks assigned to the employee by their supervisor, as determined from time to time in their sole and complete discretion. Other duties may be assigned as required by Frontier Refinery supervision in accordance with union contract.

    Minimum Experience: Four years related work or equal apprenticeship.

    Minimum Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent.




    Driver-based environment; must possess a current/ valid driver’s license. Subject to all weather and varying road conditions.

    Personal Protective Equipment:

    PPE may have to be worn in extreme temperatures ranging from -34 degrees to 100

    degrees F with humidity conditions ranging from 43-100%.

    Employees will be required to wear fire retardant clothing at all times within the plant,

    along with hearing protection, safety glasses with side shields, hardhats and substantial footwear.  These will be provided at company expense.  Employees who do this work must have medically determined qualification and training in the use of all types of respiratory protective equipment. Emergency egress equipment can weight up to 32 lbs. 


    Standing:                       For periods of 10-50 minutes in the course of normal work duties.


    For distances of 20-200 ft. in and around the Maintenance Shop, 75-400 yards. to get to on-site plant work on gravel, oily, icy, snowy, hard or muddy surfaces during the course of normal work duties.

    On top of tanks, metal catwalks, scaffolding and rooftops in all weather conditions daily.

    Underneath pipes and machinery in bent over positions and on greasy surfaces occasionally. 

    Kneeling:                       For periods of 30 seconds to 5 minutes at a time inside and around plant pipe systems at ground and elevated levels to install or remove valves.

    Lifting and Carrying:        Frequent lifting and carrying weights ranging from 10-38 lbs. for distances of 10-15 ft.  These include but are not limited to; small chain blocks, sledge hammers, chains and tool belts, daily.

                                        Infrequent lifting and carrying weights ranging from 40-90 lbs. for distances of 6-8 ft.  These include but are not limited to; hydraulic jacks, large chain blocks, flanges and other large parts for steam and gas systems and changing gas bottles, 8-10 times per week.

    Pushing/Pulling:              Frequent pushing/pulling, generating forces of 10-45 lbs. between knee and shoulder level, to perform tasks that include: moving metal parts on work benches, turning valves, positioning pipe sections on jacks and moving parts on a two wheeled dolly, 30-40 times per shift.

    Infrequent pushing/pulling, generating forces from 50-110 lbs. between shoulder and knee level to perform tasks that include:  tightening large bolts with a combo wrenches, turning larger (14-16”) valves, pulling on chains and rolling gas bottles, 1-3 times per week.

    Climbing:                       Up plant structures with caged ladders and steps with handrails

                                        ranging from 30 to 56 feet to the different platform levels of all

                                        towers and equipment to perform checks or to work on pipes or                                                                   valves, often carrying a 20-24 lb. tool belt, 2-7 trips daily.

    To the tops of a variety of towers that may extend to heights up to 160ft., 1-2 times per month.                                                        

    Bending:                                    To get underneath pipe systems for periods of 10-15 seconds to inspect equipment, check gauges and valves below waist level, 1-2 times daily.

                                        To remove flanges or scrap metal out from underneath machinery or obtain tools in the shop, 1-3 times per week.

    Handling:                       Dexterity and strength in the upper extremities of an adequate

                                        nature to handle tools commonly used in boilermaker/pipe fitting

                                        work such as impact wrenches, combo wrenches, pipe wrenches,

                                        breaker bars, cheater bars, sledge hammers, pneumatic grinders,

                                        torque wrenches, hand held and large pipe bending equipment and

                                        all tools associated with welding.

                                        Dexterity and strength in hands of an adequate nature to use tools

                                        and devices commonly associated with metal trade work that

                                        include Chicago fittings, cutting torch, rigging equipment, sockets,

                                        welding wands, wax markers and a computer keyboard.

  • Seeing and

    Reading:                                    To shoot elevations, interpret piping layouts, observe color control panel indicators, refer to color coded schematics and welding instructions.

                                        To refer to information on the plant computer systems, communicate with other employees and craftsmen or to read blue prints.

    Hearing:                                    Control panel alarm indicators.  Plant and personal alarms and sirens.  Instructions from supervisors and work team partners.  Sounds associated with normal and abnormal running machinery and systems operation.


    1)         Unit clean up - includes sweeping and trash pick up.

    2)         Incidental spill clean up and emergency response.

    3)         Assisting in repair and maintenance activities.


    Our primary values at HollyFrontier are: We put health and safety first; We care about the environment.

    All HollyFrontier employees are expected to work safely every day and be safety & environmental leaders. This includes active participation in the following:

  • Stops and/or reports any unsafe work or conditions
  • Follows safety & environmental policies and procedures
  • Supports safety & environmental goals and initiatives
  • Participates in safety & environmental meetings, training, emergency drills and hazard recognition programs
  • Reports all accidents, injuries and near misses, and participates in associated investigations
  • Participates in industrial hygiene, medical surveillance and behavior based safety programs
  • About HollyFrontier Corporation

    HollyFrontier Corporation, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is an independent petroleum refiner and marketer that produces high value light products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and other specialty products. HollyFrontier operates through its subsidiaries a 135,000 barrels per stream day("bpsd") refinery located in El Dorado, Kansas, a 125,000 bpsd refinery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a 100,000 bpsd refinery located in Artesia, New Mexico, a 52,000 bpsd refinery located in Cheyenne, Wyoming and a 45,000 bpsd refinery in Woods Cross, Utah. HollyFrontier markets its refined products principally inthe Southwest U.S., the Rocky Mountains extending into the Pacific Northwest and in other neighboring Plains states. In addition, HollyFrontier, through its subsidiary, owns Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc., whose Mississauga, Ontario facility produces 15,600 barrels per day of base oils and other specialized lubricant products and owns a 37% interest (including a 2% general partner interest) in Holly Energy Partners, L.P. Join HollyFrontier Corporation where you have the opportunity to develop and own your career!

    HollyFrontier Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or any other prohibited ground of discrimination.

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