Special Handling Technician (2759)

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General Information
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Job Description

Position Summary:

The Special Handling Technician (SHT) is responsible for safely and efficiently performing special handling services to include, inspection and handling of all cargo needing special handling, validate load plans, cargo cleanliness and transportation documentation, etc.

  • Performs special handling and related functional standards in accordance with the Performance Work Statement in a safe and efficient manner. Services include but are not limited to: inspection and handling of all cargo needing special handling, validate load plans, cargo cleanliness and transportation documentation, ensuring the accurate upload, sequence, pallet condition, and overall air worthiness of cargo and orientation to match the load plan.
  • Inspects of all cargo requiring special handling prior to acceptance into the Defense Transportation System, and the Joint Inspection of all mobility cargo prior to acceptance into the Defense Transportation System.
  • Ensures that required documentation is presented to the aerial port load planners for onward movement.
  • Provides concurrent inspections with Customs agents for cargo returning to the United States.
  • Validates load plans, cargo cleanliness, and all transportation documentation.
  • Provides technical assistance regarding shipping requirements to deploying/redeploying units when requested. Joint Inspectors will notify the deployed activity in the event that a cargo movement is rescheduled.
  • Operation of cargo handling equipment such as Halvorson and Tunner K loaders and stair trucks.
  • Shall ensure the proper handling, storage, and accountability of Pallets and Nets assets.
  • Shall perform as a qualified Joint Inspector (JI) to handle, document and inspect cargo.
  • Responsible for precise execution of company time reporting procedures and accurate completion of timesheet.
  • Responsible for providing Aerial Port Services on a 24/7/365 basis.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Required Skills:

    The Special Handling Technicians shall be trained and maintain hazardous materials inspector or preparer qualifications IAW AFMAN 24-204(IP), Preparing Hazardous Materials for Military Air Shipments and Joint Inspector qualified IAW AFI 24-114, Air Transportation Operation (Non-Aerial Port).

    Shall be familiar with GATES and GDSS and a working knowledge of aircraft configurations, restrictions and flight-line operations.

    Physical requirements may include lifting up to 35lb, team lifting up to 50lbs, climbing, extended sitting, or standing, stooping, stretching, and bending.

    Must be a U.S. Citizen with a current, valid U. S. Passport and U. S. or Local Driver's License.

    Must have the capability of obtaining an Air Force flight line driver's license.

    Must have and maintain a valid U. S. SECRET or Interim Secret Security Clearance prior to deployment.

    Must be able to pass MOD12 employment and deployment qualification requirements that include psychological, medical, dental, drug testing, background checks, etc.

    Required Experience:

  • Four (4) years of experience with sensitive, hazardous, explosive cargo handling, ULN movements and JI procedures.
  • Military experience in a contingency environment and knowledge and experience working with government contracts preferred.
  • Job Requirements