Dietary Aide - Part Time with Accurals

Company: Acadia-Healthcare ( Learn More )

General Information
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Job Description
  1. Assist in food preparation for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for all residents/patients.
  2. Serve proper portions and diet modifications for all residents/patients.
  3. Ensure staffs receiving special meals/snacks for residents/patients are informed of special orders.
  4. Supervise resident/patient workers and assist with the dietary training.
  5. Receive food and supply deliveries and check delivery ticket against actual products for proper identification.
  6. Stock food and supplies in their proper places ensuring that labels are facing forward in order to rotate stock

              (First In/First Out).

  1. Ensure that cooler/freezer and steam table temperatures are recorded accordingly.
  2. Provide care and/or conduct patient/resident interactions in a manner appropriate for the age, culture, and population being served.
  3. Follows all safety policies and adheres to all worker's compensation program guidelines.
  4. Other duties as assigned.
Job Requirements